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For Sale and Sold in the South Bay

 Hover or click on the images below, and see if there's a home that's right for you!   Please call me for more information or to schedule an appointment to see any home you find online.  For more listings and sales click here!

Your Home Here!

Thinking of selling? With the normalizing of the market, and rising interest rates, it's more important than ever to price your home correctly. List with the agent who knows and lives in your neighborhood. Call me today for a private consultation and put me to work for you! I look forward to speaking with you.

Homes in Seaside Ranchos 

LISTED & SOLD by Pam Jensen

5427 Reese Road - Represented Buyer

5404 Reese Road - Represented Seller

5327 Reese Road - Represented Seller

5352 Reese Road -Represented Seller

4818 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5106 Reese Road - Represented Seller

5107 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5337 Linda Drive - Represented Seller

5426 Sharynne Lane - Buyer and Seller (twice!)

23217 Robert Road - Represented Buyer (twice!)

23146 Doris Way - Represented Seller

5013 Sharynne - Represented Seller

5426 Sharynne Lane - Buyer and Seller

5143 Carol Drive - Buyer and Seller

5313 Sharynne Lane - Represented Buyer

23017 Doris Way - Represented Seller

5327 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5349 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5310 Linda Drive - Represented Seller

5314 Linda Drive - Represented Seller

4732 Reese Road - Represented Buyer

5332 Carol Drive - Represented Seller

4720 Reese Road - Represented Buyer

23044 Doris Way - Represented Seller

23027 Doris Way - Represented Seller

5421 Linda Drive ~ Represented Seller

5149 Carol Drive ~ Represented Seller

5465 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5125 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5455 Linda Drive - Represented Seller

5118 Carol Drive - Represented Seller

5124 Carol Drive - Buyer and Seller (twice!)

5130 Carol Drive - Represented Seller

4503 Sharynne Lane - Represented Buyer

23139 Doris Way - Buyer and Seller

5338 Carol Drive - Represented Seller

23156 Doris Way - Represented Seller

23208 Doris Way - Represented Seller

5405 Linda Drive - Represented Seller

4818 Reese Road - Represented Seller

23034 Doris Way - Represented Seller

4724 Reese Road - Represented Seller

4924 Reese Road - Represented Seller

5314 Reese Road - Represented Seller

23203 Doris Way - Represented Seller

23063 Doris Way - Represented Seller

5320 Reese Road - Buyer and Seller

5427 Reese Road - Represented Seller

4832 Sharynne Lane - Represented Seller

5240 Doris Way- Represented Seller

5305 Carol Drive - Represented Seller

Brian H.

Seaside, Torrance

I chose to work with Pam because she always seemed to have listings in my neighborhood during the 14 years I lived there. In fact, I walked through many of those other listings and she was always friendly and helpful even though I told her I was “just looking and lived in the area.” When I met with her to discuss the marketing and sales process for selling my home she walked me through every detail and answered every question and I had a lot of questions since this was the only home I’ve ever owned. Pam took all the pictures and video (including editing) and even indulged me when I asked to help write the copy and selling points for the website. She did such an outstanding job that we got multiple offers over the asking price the first weekend it was on the market. It was very comforting to know that I could use her 30+ years of experience to counter each offer in a way that we would get the highest possible final price form the best qualified buyer.  After that was done, Pam helped me understand what to expect in the termite inspection and home inspection process which is a bit nerve-racking since either one could change the outcome of the sale. Needless to say, we made it through with minimal issues and the sale closed on time. This was the biggest transaction of my life and it went incredibly smooth and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Thanks again Pam!

Mike F.
Seaside, Torrance

Pam, you are truly an angel. You could not improve on the way you sold my home. I must say, there was a lot for to it than I thought there would be. Again, many thanks for all you did for the sale. I'll always be grateful." 



Thank you so much Pam. You made this such a pleasant experience! You really did. Your kindness was the icing on the cake!! You handled it all. Thank you for the extra things you did too. We couldn't be more pleased. Our best to you always.



Wow!!! First the move and now the holidays! John and I want to thank you so very much for the great job you did in helping to make our transition from Reese Road to San Diego a huge success. We felt from the first time we met with you that we had made the right decision to have you sell our home of 36 years. We felt that you were very experienced in selling the Seaside Rancho's neighborhood. You also gave us an honest valuation of our home and you made the paperwork a smooth process. May you and your family enjoy Christmas and the new year to come.


We were relocating from out of state and met Pam at a Sunday open house. After a few months of working together, Pam found us a home that fit our lifestyle and our budget!

Roxana P.

Lomita, CA

John and Mary H.

Seaside Ranchos

Roydn and Ursel

Redondo Beach

Paul and Janice
Seaside Ranchos

Choosing who to best guide us through the process of when and how to sell our home was one of the most important decisions we've ever made, especially with our upcoming retirement. Luckily for us we made that decision over a 10 year period through both word of mouth and meeting Pam as she represented both buyer and seller of the house next door. As the time got closer, Pam would meet with us and listen to all of our questions and concerns.  Pam's answers exhibited the tremendous knowledge and experience she has earned over the years and during these conversation we built complete trust in her and knew that she would always look out for our best interest. Getting our home ready to sell was another area where Pam excelled. Pam knew exactly what was important and what was not.  Pam helped us immensely during this phase which greatly reduced the stress we would have gone through without her. Pam is a marketing wizard when it comes to selling your home! Within 7 days of listing we had 4 offers with 3 of them being over list. The selling process went amazingly smooth and Pam never forced anything against our wishes.She always listened to us and then offered her expert guidance. Every complex transaction has a few hiccups and Pam was more worried about them than we were. That's how wonderfully she takes care of you. This was the second home we have bought and sold and we have first hand knowledge of how working with the wrong agent can be a nightmare. Pam, thank you so much for all you've done for us! You made our dream possible and we couldn't be happier!

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